Thursday, July 15, 2010

-Point of Grace-

Every hardship alchemizes our being
Refining it to the precise moment
When one steps through the time portal and finds the definitive

-Point of Grace-

That allows God consciousness to integrate
Into body, mind and spirit.

Jan M. Bianchi
All Rights Reserved 08

More and Beyond

In today's climate of stress and what feels like much uncertainity let us be reminded that our core strength lies from within each of us. As we move through this time period it will gradually shift over the illusion of time. Our task and responsibility is to remain steadfast and hopeful towards the immediate moment. If our throughts are travelling further down the road than in this moment then those very thoughts are weakening one's reality.

If we hold to the belief there is unforeseen abundence all around us we will draw the higher calling card to ourselves as we go along. Certainity is not a given. It is a resource of belief in holding true to our nature that the common good of what we all seek is within each of us.