Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Social Call for Change

April 19, 2011

As I walked into WholeFoods today I noticed the sign posted on the window indicating as of  the 21st of April they will no longer be using paper bags for the consumer. They are encouraging folks to purchase an inexpensive bag of any form to bring in with them when peeps shop for bagging up their purchases. So as I was checking out I purchased a very colorful bag and out the door I went paper free. I started to reflect on how it has taken a Retailer to enforce a necessary call for Change with the much needed participation of the general public. It is no longer being left up to the consumer to decide when and where they would make the effort to contribute to this cause. 

I am very consciously aware that it has taken a very, very long span of time to get to this point indeed. I have often posed the question to myself, "How accepting are we  be in regards to the very apparent fact we must protect our current resources?"  This 0ne simple act will protect the forests and will give more time for nature to catch up if only for alittle while.

I pondered is it laziness, comfort, rountine or expectation that has kept us from taking that one extra step? We have no problem carrying a cell phone everywhere. (Please don't get me started on that avenue!)  So why cannot we not keep that grocery bag in the car at all times. My suggestion is this: buy three or four and keep two in the car at all times that way there is always one on hand! I hope as the Social Call for conscious Change is followed and expands by this Retailer other retailers will follow. As the world becomes increasingly overpopulated may we realize are Earthly resources are indeed up to each of us to protect and particate in. Namaste Until next time!!!


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